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Ulzzang girl

El estilo ulzzang proveniente de Corea del sur, significa “cara Bonita”


Ulzzang es la palabra o término utilizado tanto online como en la vida real para describir a todas aquellas personas que son atractivas físicamente y no solo esto sino que ha ganado una popularidad inmensa por su atractivo físico.



Ulzzang Style 2

La ropa se adecua deacuerdo al estilo dela persona, la imagen que aqui se muestra es un ejemplo de la ropa que se puede utilizar

Todo comenzó en Corea del Sur cuando un grupo de ulzzangs empezaron a subir sus fotos a sus websites/blogs/relacionados. No mucho después de eso empezaron a hacer concursos tanto online como en la vida real(…)muchos de éstos ganaron popularidad en la escuela por ser atractivos pero sin embargo, el internet fue la herramienta que los impulsó a ser famosos.

Han habido casos en los que los ulzzangs han ganado tanta popularidad que se han convertido en estrellas del mundo de la música, la actuación o el modelaje.



Credits: http://es.drama.wikia.com/wiki/Ulzzang


writting task story

It was 5 in the morning and there was a knock at the door, I though that could be my mom but that day I was alone in my house , just at that moment I felt scared, then when I opened the door, I saw that it was my neighbor, he said “May come in?”, I wanted to say no but he was wet, so I suspected that he had an emergency. He took my phone and suddenly he called and explained to his parents that he lost his keys.

In the end his parents opened the house and he came back, “You surprised me at all, don’t do it again” I said to him.

The end

writting task

My name is Carolina Gutierrez Jimenez, I’m 18 years old. I’m in the first semester of the University and I´m studying English Language Teaching, in the UNACH. I chose it because, I want to know how to teach English, how beacome a good English Teacher and other reason is that I want to travel some day to another country.

I like listen to music, my favourite kind of music is kpop, I like to read novels, adventure or drama books, and also watch children movies. I enjoy swimming and going to the church on Saturdays, and see my friends

writting task 2

Dear Jess,

How are you?

well I think of you about the uniform, but I think it has some advantage, for example you can not repeat the same clothes that you wore the last week so I sometimes like to wear it, because it´s more complicated to choose each day what are you going to wear, just in school.

Now, I really like to wear comfortable clothing, you know like shorts, sandals but when I go out with my friends I like to wear casual clothes or formal, like blouses for the night,  high heels; I don’t like dresses that’s why I don’t use it.

I hope this letter can help you, see you.

Love, Carolina

Short communicative messages

Hi Jame,

Thanks for the invitation, what kind of movie do you prefer? I like Comedy and love movies, you can check it. If you want we can go for a coffee later, or go to another place. See you

Short communicative messages

hello, Michael

A party! what if you can put the best hit of today, Gangnam style. you can give pizza, because I like it, maybe the theme of the party could be hollywood. Tell me if you need some help.

Short communicative messages

Dear Elena,

Congratulations for your wedding, you don’t really know how full of hapiness I am, thank you for sent me an invitation, let me tell you that I really appreciate you. Let me know if you really want something for a present I will give it to you.

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